NAB 2016


New Professional VR Workflows and mental ray for Maya

PNY demonstrated the latest NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics boards, including the new flagship NVIDIA Quadro P6000 driving professional VR production workflows at NAB New York 2016.

Visitors to the booth also experienced NVIDIA’s new mental ray® for Maya®, now GPU enabled, and discovered why it is the standard for photorealistic rendering across the film, visual effects and animation markets.

NVIDIA Quadro graphics solutions are proven to be the perfect solutions for professional 360 VR production, virtual sets, graphics compositing and multi-GPU based color grading in post production, as well as on-air broadcast graphics.

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Technology Spotlight

Professional 360 VR Finishing

Driven by NextComputing’s compact portable and rack-mount system and the NVIDIA Quadro P6000, ASSIMILATE demonstrated its SCRATCH VR Suite, the only professional VR end-to-end, real-time workflow on the market, including: dailies, conform, color management, compositing, finishing and mastering.

The NVIDIA Quadro graphics large frame buffer enables multi-layer 4K 360 VR timelines, color correction, stabilization, and compositing. Playback in real-time on the HTC Vive has all the player controls showing within the headset.

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360 VR Video Capture

To complete the professional 360 Video pipeline, capturing film-like immersive video was also demonstrated on this system. A LIVE X camera rig, consisting of a 360 Designs Mini EYE™ 3 VR rig built around three Blackmagic Micro Cinema cameras was used to capture the video streams that were fed into VideoStitch Vahana VR stitching software. Taking advantage of the NVIDIA Quadro P6000, real-time monitoring of the 360-stitched content was possible using the HTC Vive headset.

System: ASSIMILATE SCRATCH VR and NextComputing Radius Live portable powered by a NVIDIA Quadro P6000 with a HTC Vive Headset and a Sharp 42" display. 360 Designs Mini Eye 3 rig and three Blackmagic Micro Cinema cameras. VideoStitch Vahana VR stitching software.

Target Use: VR Projects for Television, Film and Video Production

3D Photorealistic Rendering
for Film

The stunning photorealistic images, created using the new NVIDIA® mental ray for Maya® and displayed on the Sharp 70” display were both visually eye-catching and impressive.

Seneca’s powerful workstation, powered by the Quadro P6000, running mental ray for Maya demonstrated how 3D artists can now experience interactive viewport rendering and easy-to-use global illumination with substantial GPU-acceleration.

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System: NVIDIA mental ray for Maya, taking advantage of the immense power of the Quadro P6000 GPU running in a Seneca workstation. The final renderings were displayed on the Sharp 70" screen.

Target Use: Photorealistic rendering for film, visual effects, and design industries.

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