Elite Performance Class 10 U3 SD Flash Memory Card256GB Elite Performance Class 10 U3 SDXC Flash Memory Card
Part No. P-SDX256U395-GE

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    Great SD card!! Was left in my pants pocket, and it went into the washing machine mixed with laundry detergent, spun and hung out in the sun to dry. The label peeled, but data is still intact and card is still working fine with no errors.

    Douglas S. Taylor06/03/2016

    I just bought a PNY SSD and needed something smoking to put my temp files on that would be discreetly hidden. This SSD Drive is perfect. Now, I am catching about 100 MB/s on the average. So, with this, I take a lot of the unnecessary wear and tear from the SSD. Awesome job, PNY!

    Doug McBride05/13/2016

    The SD cards are excellent, fast, reliable and very reasonably priced.


    Lots of bang for the buck! Similar product at big box store was much more expensive.


    Great product. Works great. With an USB adapter this SD card works great with my Microsoft Surface 3 adding much needed space.

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